Office buildings, corporate offices, public organizations such as municipalities, banks, government departments, etc. Due to excessive consumption of resources such as energy, water, paper, and other raw materials, transportation of staffs and wastes are from the largest centers of Environmental pollutants that often not considered.
Every day, the service sector is a major component of the business community, therefore, controlling the environmental consequences of buildings and offices of organizations is particular importance.
A significant amount of energy and resources are lost daily due to lack of environmental management program in this sector which in addition to imposing high costs on organizations, exacerbates climate change.

Organizations by creating green office system and reduce their environmental consequences, act against climate change. By saving resources, such as the optimal use of electricity, water and materials in their daily programs, they reduce their costs and increase their organization’s competitiveness.
The Green Office is a tool for implementing an environmental management system and providing quick and easy access to measurable economical and environmental results in an integrated and synchronized way. Green office increases team spirit and motivation among employees. This system helps the organization share its values with the stakeholders.
Applying the green office brand in the organization creates a positive social image and credibility.