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Since 2016, based on goal 11 of the 17 goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development, measures for the sustainability of Yazd city were started by MehrA Makers Company in cooperation with the Energy Globe Foundation.and in The Energy Globe Foundation World Summit became the world's first sustainable city among 187 member countries.
After the follow-ups, finally in February 2018 and in the 19th World Summit of the World Energy Foundation, the city of Yazd was designated as the historical and cultural capital of the world's sustainable cities.
Therefore, for the sustainable development of the city and the country's businesses, as well as creating a gateway for international relations with various organizations, communities and companies around the world, the office of the historical-cultural capital of sustainable cities by Mehrasazan Company with the approval and support of inter-organizations An international organization such as the Energy Globe Foundation and the United Smart and Sustainable Cities Organization was established in 2020 in Yazd.

Sustainable Business System

A system for creating, sustainable development and business communication

Co working space

A space for creating and developing startups with a sustainable approach, and their relationship with consultants and investors, as well as national and international markets.

Sustainable projects

Creating and developing sustainable projects as well as receiving valid international approvals and their relationship with consultants, investors and national and international markets

Investment and investability

National and international investment for sustainable projects

The 19th World Summit of the World Energy Foundation and the First Conference of Sustainable Cities of the World with the presence of more than 80 representatives from 187 member countries at the Moshir Al-Mamalek Hotel in Yazd, February , 2019.

Conference on sustainable products in the construction industry in June 2019 at Moshir Al-Malak Hotel

The 15th International Conference on Green Management with the presence of more than 15 international speakers such as the President of the Energy Globe Foundation, Secretary General of the UnitedSustainable Cities, President of the German Council for Sustainable Buildings, and ... online , 2020 In the capital office of the world's sustainable cities.